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What is ABBA Rail?
ABBA Rail (formerly known as "Afrail Express") being developed by the developer of ABBA Wallet, is designed as a high-speed passenger rail system based on Superconducting Magnetic Levitation (SCMaglev) Technology, to connect Sub-Sahara and North Africa, from South Africa to Morocco to Nigeria to Egypt via in-between countries.

Our Purpose
ABBA Rail is poised to make travel between cities and countries in Sub-Sahara and North Africa to be faster, safer, and more affordable, with potential to transport more than 600 million paying passengers as well as more than 500 million packages through its express courier service, every week.

Phase One
The First Phase of the ABBA Rail high-speed network will connect Cape Town to Casablanca to Tripoli to Cairo to Nairobi to Kigali to Harare to Johannesburg and to Cape Town via in-between major cities in different countries in Africa, forming a safe passageway, which covers nearly 80% of the African population, all to be connected by ABBA Rail high-speed network at the speed of 431 km per hour with Cillar Coin serving as the exclusive central currency for the ABBA Rail ecosystem.

Our Services
1) ABBA Rail Maglev high-speed passengers network to serve more than 600 million paying passengers per week throughout Africa.

2) ABBA Rail Express Services for the packages delivery services to deliver fast more than 500 million packages per week throughout Africa.

Economic Impacts
New York City-based Cillar Labs Inc. is packaging the needed financing, through the Cillar Coin Security Token Offering (STO), for the development and construction of the ABBA Rail infrastructure, which has potential to create more than 50 million direct and indirect job opportunities throughout Africa.

About Us
Founded in July 2014 as Afrailways, the company changed its name in July 2023 to ABBA Rail (Pty) Ltd and is being registered under the Laws of the Republic of Namibia. ABBA Rail (Pty) Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of ABBA Platforms Inc.